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It is widely used in medicine, biology, pathology, oncology, pharmacology, biochemistry and other field of life sciences, especially in the safety evaluation for medicine, food, pesticide, and cosmetics, etc. Beagle dogs were recommended as standard experimental dogs in U.S. in 1950 ,and were accept by most of countries. Furthermore, Beagle dogs are  recommended as the preferred dogs for safety evaluation by WHO (World Health Organization).

GPRI started to research standard breeding of Beagle dogs which introduced from U.S. in 1983. It has become the “National Seed Center of experimental Beagle Dog “and the “Guangdong Province Beagle Dog Idioplasmic Resource R&D Center " . The annual production of breeding dogs is  300 to 500 .The annual production of experimental Beagle dogs is  2,000 to 2,500.

In recent years, GPRI has provided thousands of Beagle dogs to a number of national new drug safety evaluation centers , such as Shanghai Institute Pharmaceutical Industry and National Academy of Military Medicine Science. And it is successfully entered the South-East Asia, South Korea, the United States and the other international markets, as an important support to domestic and international drug research .